Remembering the Fantasic Shakers - $30.00 per copy incl S&H

    shakers newThis Revised edition has even more pictures than the first printing. If you love Bo and the Shakers, you'll love learning more about the band, and the individuals who helped make it what it's been for 35 years. There are pictures that many of the guys had never seen! Who thought there could have been *any* pictures of Little Logan and the 7 Hot Dogs (Bo's first band in 1963). There's one picture of them in 'Remembering the Shakers' (and more planned for a sequel in 2015). There are pictures and histories of The Fugitivies (including their heretofore unknown album with Bo Schronce in 1965 -- it's in the book!) There's Bo and the Rhythm 5, the Original Shakers (from Cherryville, NC), Liberty's Ark, Nobody's Perfect, Blacksmith, Bo's days with the Catalinas, the Complete Fantastic Shaker's Discography PICTURED, plus the bios of Freddy Tripp, Don Tetreault, Doug Winstead, Chris Jennings, Preston Honeycutt, Bo Schronce, and others including Neil Novak, Robbie Hegler, Jeff Reid, Dino Fair and more. -- What was it like when Bo first played Hog Hill ? How many groups do you think Chris Jennings was in before the Shakers -- and what did he like then? There's a vintage photo of Freddy Tripp that's so dog-eared we were surprised to see that Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis weren't with him in the picture (after all he's portrayed one and knows the music of both). Dozens and dozens of rare to extremely rare photos and bios. Great reading from one of the great groups.

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