Dancing on the Edge Journal #3 - $25.00 per copy including S&H 

    Volume 1. issues 7-10 begins with Statesville, NC's Beach Music roots, with special emphasis on the early bands (part of the roots of the Catalinas) and the Grace Park Recreation Center, and a special section on the importance of 45 rpm record players in automobiles of the 50s and 60s. There's a story on Carolina Blues Girl Marylyn Scott and Carolina Gospel Singer Mary DeLoatch (both the same woman)! For those who couldn't be there in the early 50s, a full story on the Hadacol Boogie Caravan -- the Greatest Traveling Snake Oil caravan ever to set out to entertain and bamboozle the American Public with extensive photographs and history - including the stars and entertainers who found themselves involved. We had a ball putting together the story of the "Beach Music Medleys" with pictures of all of them.....it goes on and on and on with a few surprises. There's another surprise of sorts...for those who loved the Fantastic Shakers' "Safronia B" or those who remember Calvin Boze's original in 1950 (which wasn't the original, but we show-and-tell all about that in the story). The Calvin Boze story ambles back and forth across the U.S. to include the Prairie View Collegians, the Wheatley High Band, Tom Archia, Arnett Cobb, Illinois and Russell Jacquet, Les Hite, Floyd Ray, Milton Larkin, the X-Rays and a host of other lost stars from the roots of Shag and Beach Music.

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