Summertime's Calling Me, The Catalinas 1957-2019 - $25.00 per copy incl S&H

    Although there have been interesting histories written about the Catalinas, what has remained is a number of questions shrouded in mystery. 

    1)  Did they emerge from the King Bees?

    2)  Was there one originator or a collaboration of many?

    3)  Is it true that the Oldest Beach Music Band in the land, was formed with a girl?  Two girls?  More?

    The Catalinas weren't just another of what would become known as 'garage' bands.  The earliest Catalinas were comprised of members whose roots ran *deep* in the entertainment and music industries.  In addition, the Catalinas blazed the path and held open the gateway to dozens of new Beach bands throughout the 1960s.

    Here, in the first of two volumes (162 pages), meet the known and *unknown* Catalinas, along with the many groups, Booking Agents, DJs, and other characters whose names are no longer lost in history.

    Innumerable rare photos courtesy of the Catalinas and their many friends and fans.

    This volume covers the initial years, 1957 to 1968 when an unexpected and cataclysmic event changed the makeup, but not the direction, of the Catalinas into the future.

    1 Catalinas front cover Purple BITC

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