Dancing on the Edge Journal #1 - $25.00 per copy incl S&H

    Beginning with each and every front cover, the Dancing On the Edge Journal is packed with exceedingly rare photos and history of Beach Music and Shag as well as full color throughout each issue. Volume 1, Issues 1-3 begins with the story of one of the two original Beach Music Pioneers -- Jim Hannah -- and his 'empire' at Carolina Beach beginning in 1945. Hannah began a series of no-holds-barred, nothing-held-back interviews with John Hook in 1989. Despite Hannah's offer that Hook could publish his story 'any time' Hook waited until after his death in 2010. This is not to say that Hannah was a bad person. Instead, he was the salt of the earth, the kind of person that made the Carolinas what they are. Which means he was also unique and colorful in his outlook on life and the adventures it brought to him. It's Beach Music and Shag history like you've never read elsewhere. Hook also includes vintage radio station Top 40 surveys which include great Beach Music hits in the past. There's the first photo ever the Embers as the Five Jays !!! You'll find extensive photos and coverage of the National Shag Championships at Myrtle Beach. For the collector and R&B enthusiast, there are deep biographies of lost greats such as Cincinnati's Terry Timmons 1950-1953. Another shows Margie Day's career from her time as Margaret Hoffler with 4 Bars and a Melody in Newark, to her years with the Griffin Brothers, followed by her solo career. Another MAJOR story, dovetailing with the Jim Hannah epic is the story of the VERY FIRST Beach Music Band in history from 1946 forward. There are rare pictures and an extensive comparison between Jimmy Cavallo (the first), Elvis Presley, and Bill Haley to show once and for all that 'Beach Music' preceded Rock and Roll by a decade. Fans will also find a story and labelography for Raleigh DJ Jimmy Capp's JCP label (which included very early Embers and dozens of other Beach Bands from Raleigh east. Volume 1 also contains a history of Beach Music albums -- when was the first?

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