Dancing on the Edge Journal #2 - $25.00 per copy incl S&H

    Volume 1. issues 4-6 opens with a classic photo of a group of Converse girls in Spartanburg, SC shaggin' in a picture from 1944 followed by an extensive story illustrating the development of Shag # 2 in the Wilmington, NC area and the repercussions there for decades before and after. Hook includes a four-page Guide to the cities where dozens of Beach bands originated, giving the reader a new perspective into the history of Beach Music. For comparison's sake, and to show deeper roots in Carolina entertainment, is another map of the Swing and Jazz entertainers who were born in the Carolinas and Virginia. Speaking of Virginia -- Hook shows much of the history of the Roanoke-Lynchburg-Danville-Martinsville circuit, including the entertainers, and venues from the 20s forward. Have you ever wondered about the history of the R&B charts? How they began, under what kinds of stress and duress? Hook shows it all. There's also the most extensive history ever undertaken on the Charleston, SC beach music venues AND a bonus, the never-before-published history of the Carolina Cotton Pickers from the Jenkins Orphanage of Charleston (well, there's been a 'little bit' written in two or three places, but nothing approaching what you'll find here). Also in this volume, the history of the song "Kidnapper,' and the group who made it great, Jewell and the Rubies from Lafayette, Louisiana. Along the way you'll garner a much deeper appreciation of the Bayou country's local Rhythm and Blues scene. Let us not forget there's also an overview of the co-development between Shaggers, Boppers, and the Jukebox, with a special spotlight on Panama City, Florida and the Hangout there.

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