Through these books you can enter the 'invisible doors and secret gateways' to Beach Music and Shag history never before seen or published.  Each of these PDF books is just $8.00.  To learn more about what a particular book contains, go to the previous Store Page and click on the image of the book, then come back here to get your PDF version.  To order one or more, click on the link to the right of the title(s) you want.  Afterward we'll add your e-mail to a special database so that if you want a hard copy later, we'll check for your name / e-mail and you'll be able to get a hard copy for 1/2 price.

    I'll be personally e-mailing your copy of the PDF version.

    SUPER BONUS!!!!!  All these PDFs are SEARCHABLE!  That's especially good news for those who've wanted searchable databases in place of the hard copies of the Beach Music Guides Vol. 1 and 2.  That means, for example, if you were looking for every song of the 26,000 included in the guides that contained the word 'beach', you conduct your search, and the 'hits' show up in a long list.  You can click on each 'hit' and see the full name of the song and who recorded it.  (On my PDF reader the 'hits' show up vertically on the right side of the window).

    Forgotten Pioneers and Amazing Rise of Beach Music
    Summertime's Calling Me:  The Catalinas 1957--2019
    Beach Music Guide Vol 1:  1945-1975    Artists and Songs "A--L"
    Beach Music Guide Vol 2:  1976-2006    Artists and Songs "M--Z"
    The Beach Music and Shag All Time Top 200
    Dancing on the Edge Journal Vol 1 -- No's 1--3
    Dancing on the Edge Journal Vol 1 -- No's 4--6

    Dancing on the Edge Journal Vol 1 -- No's 7--10

    The Fantastic Shakers:  50 Years of Bo Schronce and 35 Years of the Shakers
    The Castaways:  1961--2015
     Dancing To Music We Cannot Hear

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